Building Highlights

Our historic building was converted from its original use as the YMCA into residential condominiums in the 1980s. After 30 years as condominiums, the current co-owners are now in the process of a multi-year rejuvenation of the common areas.

Recent projects have included upgrades to the indoor swimming pool area, the hallways, and the parking lot.

On-going and scheduled future projects including a new roof system, new decks, and a fitness room.

A new Community Room has just been created for use by co-owners for their larger gatherings with friends and family. The space is also suitable for meetings, with tables and chairs available for use.

To accomplish all this, the co-owners are contributing tens of thousands of dollars each year to the Reserve Fund, which pays for the major repairs and the replacement of the common elements of the Condominium. This is expected to continue for several more years.

The regular monthly fees cover the cost of HOA Administrative costs, common area utilities, building heat and air conditioning system, city water and sewer, trash removal, indoor swimming pool, lawn maintenance, snow removal, common area maintenance & repairs,

The building heat and cooling system is a combination of a central heating and cooling plant and individual heat pump units controlled by each co-owner. The individual heat pumps draw heat from the central heat plant to heat the individual condo unit, or use the central system to cool the individual condo unit, all independent from what the neighboring condo units are doing.

Our Condominium is one of only a very few condominium projects in Muskegon listed as Approved on the US HUD List of FHA-approved condominium projects.